Beverage Design

We’ll help you with your drink menu, signature beverages in the cafe & bar, and seasonal promos.


Import & export of food & beverage items, machinery, and product registration.

Machine Servicing

Beverage machinery maintenance, repair and modification.


We are your reliable and professional beverage service provider in the Philippines since 2007. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients including hands-on, personalised and continuous training and support of their staff; providing bespoke concoctions and recipes that fit our clients’ brands; and localised service and logistics of our products through our branches and regional distributors.

MIXER Purees
100% non-pasteurized concentrate fruit puree and may be considered the best alternative to fresh fruit
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GIFFARD Flavours
135 years of history. Quality liqueurs and syrups from the Giffard family.
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Trading the best quality teas since 1918.
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BARAKO Distillery
Premium distilled spirits from Malay, Aklan.
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Technical expertise in formulating gourmet powders & sauces.
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EUREKA Coffee Grinders
Manufacturing excellence. innovative design with classical lines, and a long history in coffee.
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BFC Coffee Machines
A history of parts manufacturing and technical excellence.
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ORCHESTRALE Espresso Machines
100% Made in Italy Professional Espresso Coffee Machines dedicated to each barista seen as great orchestra conductor.
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