Mixer Fruit Purees and Concentrates

Mixer concentrate puree mixes represent the great evolution of the syrup for cocktails and have absolutely become the best alternative to fresh fruit when needed to be mixed. The concentrated puree mix solves the problems of finding fruit when seasonally not available. It also resolves the lack of flavour in seasonal fresh fruit and the waste of unused product at end of the night.

Mixer puree mixes are fruit preparations for professional use containing the equivalent of 100% fruit purees cropped and concentrated right at the moment of perfect ripeness.

Fruit purees are collected from all over the world respecting the true fruit origin then sorted out from perfect crops with an intense taste and aroma. Harvesting is done when the fruit reaches its advanced ripeness in order to offer the perfect balance between the sweet and the pulpy part of the fruit. Then the puree is quickly concentrated to preserve the freshness and thickness of freshly picked fruit.

The concentration process is useful both to gain space in order to add other necessary ingredients for an optimal yield when mixing and it is also useful to eliminate the excess of water which would then dilute the cocktail while mixing.

Our production process enhances the selected raw material by protecting its natural fragrance. As a matter of fact the fruit puree is never pasteurized during process. The fruit puree is then skillfully blended with other ingredients such as lemon juice, sugar and natural pectin in order to stabilize the organoleptic properties. The addition of essential oils extracted from the fruit skin is also essential to enhance the performance of the product when mixing it into any drink. The aromatic element must certainly be supported to ensure the maintenance of taste and aroma of the concentrated pulp even after a major dilution with ice, spirits, milk or juice in order to bring into the ultimate drink the full and consistent flavor of the best fruits of the season.

Concentrate Fruit Purees


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