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Giffard Liqueurs & Flavours

A range of more than twenty liqueurs, eight top-of-the-range liqueurs mostly created to be used in premium cocktails, to offer bartenders the highest quality and  most authentic flavours at any season. Numerous varieties have been tested to select only the best, while guaranteeing the origin of the product. Most appropriate spirits, spices and fruits have been chosen to enrich aromas and obtain a perfect balance of flavours.

A very large range of highly flavoured and colourful syrups which have been pasteurized to ensure a perfect preservation. The Giffard syrups have been specially created for professional bartenders in the cocktail and bar industry. They can be used in cocktails and in many non-alcoholic drinks.

Giffard syrups are made in France and uses 100% pure sugar which comes from French grown sugar beets. The flavours come from concentrated fruit juices and rigorously selected plant extracts or spices.

Product lineup: Premium Syrups, Gourmet Sauces, Special Tea Concentrates, Exclusive Liqueurs


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Coffee Beans

We bring you this highly acclaimed brand voted as the best coffee by F&B authorities like ZAGAT and Wine Spectator. Graffeo has also been featured in National Geographic’s Book, The 10 Best of Everything, and the coffee of choice served in the world’s top cafe, hotels and restaurants.  For over 75 years Graffeo has brought the world the best coffee using their special roasting methods and a commitment to the environment and coffee growing communities.

Graffeo was founded in 1935 on the streets of San Francisco’s Italian culinary capital, North Beach.

Graffeo is one of North America’s oldest artisan coffee roasters and remains a family-run company passed on down through generations.

A cherished institution from the beginning, we started by hand roasting our select blend providing aficionados and the first European-style cafes’ with rich, dark, fresh roasted coffee beans.

Today, Graffeo is the quintessential boutique coffee roaster and supplies some of the world’s most renowned eateries and discerning indviduals from our original San Francisco location in San Francisco, Beverly Hills, San Rafael and Singapore in Asia.

Graffeo Coffee. You know it when you taste it. Once you have, no other coffee will do.

Product lineup: Roasted Coffee Beans


Teas and Tisanes

We carry high quality teas and tisanes. From Gryphon Tea Company to Japanese teas and our own special blend.

Gryphon Tea Company traces its origins to a family-owned tea importer founded in Singapore almost 100 years ago. In 2006, a fourth-generation member of the family struck out on his own and the company quickly gained a following for its maverick ideas and heady enthusiasm. Gryphon Tea’s growing selection of tea recipes has received numerous industry awards and is now available to consumers worldwide through online shopping and our network of dedicated distribution partners.

Product lineup: Loose Leaf Teas, Tea Sachets, Jams, Honeys, Spreads & Sauces, Teaware


Brewing Glassware

We offer a full range of Hario coffee and tea equipment. Hario has been producing high quality products since 1921.

Product lineup: Brewing Glassware


Orchestrale Espresso Machines

In 2006 arose “Orchestrale”; it is the result of a project thought by a group of people who wished to unite their know-how and experiences in the different fields of commercial espresso-coffee machine manufacture, of the restaurant industry and of furniture design.

This meeting produced D.I.D. Srl, a company that sets its target on the production of high-quality design and above all Made in Italy “instruments” for the Ho.Re.Ca. business, paying absolute and special attention to the professional espresso coffee machines.

This is because the company believes that coffee is a worldwide experience and a socio-cultural symbol, rather than a consumer product.

Therefore thanks to the experience in design and in espresso-coffee machine manufacture of its promoters, D.I.D. has produced its first collection of instruments: “Orchestrale” Instruments for Espresso.

Product lineup: Espresso Machines


Eureka Coffee Grinders

Eureka is a leading company in the design and production of coffee dosers featuring elegant and technologically innovative designs. Without changing the historic reliability of every one of its products, Eureka wants to be the benchmark company for innovation in the grinder and doser sector. Eureka offers a wide range of professional coffee grinders, ideal for any type of coffee, productivity and budget. The company’s certificates allow it to operate worldwide, guaranteeing full compliance with the laws in force together with the quality of a product wholly “Made in Florence”: reliable, great to look at and easy to maintain. Our aim is to guarantee the best possible grinding to bring out all of the aroma of Italian and other world coffees. Italian design and technology and a passion for coffee: this is Eureka, since 1920!

Product lineup: Coffee Grinders


BFC Espresso Machines

BFC srl is offering its customers highly interesting services that cannot be missed, even by those who are giving a simple, fleeting glance at the site.

Top quality and high production flexibility are the decisive factors that lie behind the success of our coffee machines on the world market. Heart and body (copper boilers, connection tubes and steel housings) are made entirely inside our new facilities in Scomigo di Conegliano, which cover an area of 5.000 sq. m.

Unrivalled quality, perfect finishes, meticulous controls of the production processes and lastly limited manufacturing costs that reduce selling prices to a minimum are clear to everyone. We are growing annually by 20% in terms of sales volume.

Product lineup: Espresso Machines


Other beverage tools & consumables

From simple whipped cream to complex, sweet and savory foams, and everything in between, the iSi System of whippers and soda siphons, powered by our Austrian-manufactured gas chargers, allows you to achieve pure flavor in endlessly creative ways. Crafted with exceptional quality, our innovative products have become essential tools for both the home and professional kitchen.

Product lineup: Cream Chargers & Whippers


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